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Our working methods allow fresh and interesting ideas to be explored. The aim being to increase efficiency and function without adding cost.

As a practice MLDE have carried out work on a diverse range of projects spanning the spectrum of design as an over-arching discipline. Examples range from building design through product design and development to sculptures and art installations.
MLDE is a design engineering practice specialising in innovation, creativity and sustainability
Mark Lovell Design Engineers provide a wide range of structural engineering and civil engineering consultancy services. The practice is based in Devizes, Wiltshire and is adept at carrying out projects of varying sizes and scales from small scale domestic residential alterations and structural surveys, preparing and submitting Planning Applications and Listed Building Consents to providing Clients with full structural and civil engineering duties on multi-million pound commercial developments throughout the UK.

The team are encouraged to employ 'the art of review', to provide an interpretation of the client's and design team's wishes which is both objective and critical. Intrinsically assessing what is beyond the mere surface requirements of the brief, and thus creating greater opportunity for expression. The successful use of materials such as rammed earth and structural glass have reinforced our belief that constraints on the use of materials ought to be drawn from sound design and engineering principals as opposed to pure convention.

MLDE pride themselves on an approach which is considered and appropriate in all fields of engineering and design, and provide structural engineers and civil engineers to suit the project. This has been  built up over many years experience working with other industry professionals and drawing on a respect for traditional methods, paired with a sound knowledge of modern materials and different construction and manufacturing techniques.

The practice was founded by Mark Lovell and Sandra Lovell, in 1996 and has produced, on average, in excess of one hundred commissions per year. The engineering solutions produced are continuing to win acclaim and awards. The design engineering work is producing patents and new products especially in the field of composites and sustainable technologies.
Bridge Design
Sustainable Design
Product Development
Facade Engineering
Bespoke Residential
Renovation & Conservation
Innovative Engineering
Community & Commercial
Structural Surveys and Assessments
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