Temporary works are employed in a variety of civil and structural engineering projects to address the temporary conditions on a construction site to facilitate the safe construction of a permanent structure, sometimes even being integrated into the permanent works for efficiency.

MLDE have experience in providing practical temporary works design acknowledging build method, sequence, associated equipment, etc. to help ensure safe and smooth operations on site.

Early project planning being the key to the process in providing an efficient, streamlined and integrated approach whilst also working to current Health and Safety and CDM protocols.

Temporary works design services include, but are not limited to:.
  • Structural support / Stability assessments
  • Temporary works sequencing drawings
  • Falsework / Formwork
  • Propping / Shoring
  • Lifting beams / Frames
  • Temporary foundations
  • Temporary access ramps / bridges
  • Temporary works in watercourses
  • Review of unsafe structures, i.e. fire damage, vehicle impact, etc.
  • Needling / Masonry Restraint