Alexandra Park Storm Water Attenuation Pond
Over many years MLDE have developed experience in the design of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS). Utilising natural features and site topography allows us to minimise the impact of these systems and to ensure they work in harmony with their surroundings and maintain pre-development (green-field) run off levels.

At Sheepdrove Biodiversity Centre a Reed Bed water treatment system was adopted. Extensive Soakaway systems were provided at St Johns School. For the Alexandra Park development in Northumberland, it was the Client's and Architect's wish to create an extensive pond which formed part of a series of sensory gardens. This pond was given the dual purpose of also providing Storm Water attenuation, and was fed by a network of Swales and French Drains. In Chippenham a new development of sports pitches required an extensive surface water management programme. The pitches were drained via a series of stepped Swales, which slowed the flow, increasing evaporation and infiltration. In extreme storm events the Swales discharged directly to an existing ditch ensuring the site's ecology and habitats were preserved.

Stanley Park Swale
Stanley Park Reed Bed
Stanley Park Headwall and Ditch