alfie morland bridge
In 2007 MLDE entered and successfully won a competition to design a landmark pedestrian bridge in Hemel Hempstead.

Physically, the bridge was to span around 45 metres from a new development complex across an urban carriageway in order to connect it to the main town centre. Architecturally, the bridge was to reinforce the identity of the development and to form an integrating link and gateway to the existing urban fabric. A successful design also had to respond to the extremely tight constraints imposed on it by the site. The bridge lands on an island site incorporating access to an underpass, a watercourse, public transport access and the dual carriageway.

The final solution achieves the Architectural, Structural and Geometric requirements with deceptive ease. The main span being supported via a doubly asymmetric cable-stayed arrangement and the side span via a sculpted deck splitting and wrapping around a structural 8 person  lift shaft.

hemel hempstead, hertfordshire
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Alfie Morland bridge
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