jenson button bridge
The over-riding principles of this design are of elegant functionality with a direct level of tactility and interaction with the user. This is reflected in both the forms and materials employed. The 21m span, masted and cable-stayed footbridge is fabricated entirely in exposed weathering grade steel plate. High yield galvanized steel tension rods support the 10m high mast and in turn hang the deck from its tip. The mast its self is cruciform in section and tapers at its ends to give further visual interest and clarity to its function.

Balustrades are reduced to a simple galvanized panel form and are inclined away from the deck to enhance the openness of the trafficked space. Pairs of simple weathering steel plate newel posts are given visual interest and character by shaping and inclining them. Near their head they undergo a twist to then reach out beyond the balustrade line and offer up the handrail for use.
frome, somerset