mark lovell
Mark's engineering career started with a traditional four year mechanical shop floor apprenticeship with Aircraft Research Association Ltd. The bench based training was supplemented by ONC & HNC college training courses to aide the progression from shop floor to drawing office, which then developed into a design office position. The aircraft industry is at the cutting edge in terms of material technology and light weight thin gauge structural design. 

His experience was further strengthened with a career move to a specialist construction company Titmuss Construction Ltd which designed and manufactured steel framed buildings including very large  industrial light gauge metal bulk stores and silos. He was sponsored by the company to university, where he studied for a B.Sc in Civil Engineering followed by a M.Sc by thesis on the Lateral & Torsional Buckling of Light Gauge Steel Members. This period of work encompassed work at Salford University and assisting with the development of many commercial light gauge products including the  first series of Ward Multi-Beams and Ayrshire Metal Trim Products and Purlins. The products developed and researched in this period  included many revolutionary large span light gauge pressed steel portals with sinusoidal webs  with integral stress skin wall and roof cladding.

After some eight years a career move was made to the position of Chief Engineer  within Crane Engineering Ltd. This position involved the day to day running of the design, fabrication and commissioning of Cranes and bespoke specialist heavy duty  goods vehicles, under the trading name of Trailmaster Trailers. During this period many new products were designed, produced and patented for a variety of uses such as: Ro-Ro port handing vehicles. One such design subsequently became the new recognised  world standard from Hong Kong to Felixstowe for vehicle suspensions. The pragmatic design used engineered polymer bearings and polymer rimmed solid wheels.

A variety of specialist commissions were undertaken for Product Distribution and Materials Handling for companies such as the Ford Tractor Company and DFS ferries. Mark's fabrication and  manufacturing experience allows very creative practical designs to be realised at sensible commercial values and is well versed in the use of hydraulic ram bases systems to create agile kinetic structures.

A twelve year period working for Consulting Engineers in positions, such as Associate Partner within Whitby & Bird and Regional Director of Oscar Faber added to his breadth of knowledge and during this period produced many landmark projects with signature architects. Many of these projects have won awards and accolades such as ; The Sterling Prize, BBC Design Awards and British Construction Industry Award. The breadth of these projects clearly demonstrate a creative use of materials. For example the varied use of concrete, whether it be precast, sprayed or polished.

In 1996 the design engineering  consultancy, MLDE was created and formed with a strong and holistic sustainable ethos. He has had the pleasure of working on the modification and development of high profile buildings such as highgate one designed by Architect John Winter and Engineer Frank Newby.

Mark has a responsible and active mind towards improving the Environment and keeping at the forefront of the sustainable debate. This was exemplified by his role as design engineer for landmark projects such as the Earth Centre, Doncaster. This new conference facility was designed and constructed from 80% recycled material and the building generates 60% of its own energy demand. This performance sets new world standards for efficiency for public buildings and one of the first to utilise an inter-seasonal thermal store.

The practice with a team of other consultants was one of the first in the United Kingdom to complete  houses which meet the BRE Code for sustainable homes level 6. He has activity worked with Bill Dunster in trying to create a Code 7 development. This would set a new standard, paying back the embodied energy of the construction within the life of the building.

Mark has extensive experience of facade design and engineering from the initial product concept  through to facility maintenance and condition surveys. He has designed, engineered and inspected structural glass walls and structural glass floors, composite panel, curtain walling and  rainscreens over many years and has engineered many landmark projects. He has an in depth knowledge of the design of EPDM gaskets and engineered polymers for all types of composite panel and glazing systems.

Mark's work of investigating and using new and recycled material resources at both ends of the spectrum continues, from the "Hi-Tech" use of structural glass and carbon fibre down to re-compacted earth structures. He was the chairman of the steering committee for the new draft standard on rammed earth construction which is being part funded by the DTI. He has considerable experience of designing and delivering die-extruded structural sections in aluminium, PVC and other polymers. Mark has also worked for a range of manufacturers on parametricly modelled light gauge structural elements.

Mark is a past Chairman of the Institution of Engineering Designers.

He has collaborated closely with artists over many years assisting them with the creation of inspirational works of Art. He has acted as design engineer for numerous works of art using different casting materials such as bronze and stainless steel. He enjoys and thrives on working with discerning clients and other professionals producing innovative and interesting solutions to briefs, be it furniture or factories.

Bristol Development Corporation - Alec French Architects
Crane Engineering RO-RO Port Handling Vehicles
Eigus Factory - Nicholas Grimshaw
Eastern Aviary, London Zoo - Jack Bonington
Crane Engineering - Heavy Haulage Trailer
Crane Engineering - Folding Neck Trailer
Pressed Light Gauge Metal Portal
Grain Silo
A4 Millennium Bridge
Earth Centre Conference Building
Bath University Library - Alec French Architect
Jaguar Aircraft
Greenock Waterfront - Faulkner Brown Architects
Bath University Library - Alec French Architects
David Mellor Cutlery Factory - Michael Hopkins and Partners
Radiant House - Richard Weston
Ford Tractor Company
Carbon Fibre Wind Turbine Blade
All Saints Church - Rod Robinson Partnership
Pokesdown School - Format Milton Architects
Oyster House - Ideal Home Exhibition - Nigel Coates