structural surveys and assessments
A wide and varied experience of all forms of structure and materials enables MLDE to carry out Structural Surveys, Inspections and Monitoring for a variety structures of all scales.

We are well seasoned  in listed building applications, and the production of life cycle maintenance schedules for facilities management. We have experience of developing  construction and maintenance packages with contractors, and thereafter carrying out site duties during the construction phase.

Our experience allows us to carry out assessments of structures which have been damages by vehicle impact, subsidence, settlement, or flooding. This work may involve initial appraisals of structural stability and safety, or the long term monitoring and assessment of structural behaviour.

Invasive endoscopic surveys are particularly useful when assessing properties of 'non-standard construction'. Mortgage companies often require a Structural Engineers report before lending on such properties, for example to ascertain corrosion levels within system built steel-framed brick-clad houses.

non standard construction surveys
non standard construction surveys