victoria place
This modernist town house has a sculptural form which provides novel living spaces, unusual views and a welcoming communal courtyard. Constructed on the site of a former transport yard, to the rear of a listed building, in the Chippenham conservation area. The owner, Jack Konynenburg, is a former local authority architect, well-known for his more adventurous designs in the district. The project comprises two compact linked-houses, curved on plan around the circular courtyard.

The principal curved monopitch roof comprises curved steels, with curved timber Glu-Lam elements forming a three dimensional composite structure. These  steel and timber elements work in harmony to distrubute vertical and lateral wind loads to load-bearing masonry walls. A serries of exposed Glu-Lam timber rocker beams are hung from the roof by stainless steel rods.

The overall effect is a glorious centrepiece of architectural structure; the composite form acting as a three-dimensional curved roof truss, with the roof structure not only honestly expressed, but positively featured.
Glu-lam rocker beams
Victoria Place
Curved Glu-lam beams
jack konynenburg
The project was a finalist at the 2008 LABC awards - read article